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marc - 14:45

Un petit coucou de La Gacilly. Marc

Tom - 17:47

Hello Franck. I've been a huge fan of Outcast since the game came out in 1999. Are you planning on porting Reborn HD for other platforms?

VincentGR - 23:26


guest_187 - 21:52

Merci de donner cours à l'esiaj :D

Eric Cubizolle - 21:52

Merci pour cette véritable caverne d'Ali BABA du retrogamer ! voici un lieu de culte pour tout fan de l'Amiga et de ses plus beaux titres.

guishermo - 21:52

thanks for all the content you've shared with us, it's been a great read so far :). being able to see the indepths of gems like unreal or agony is awesome.thanks for the games and greetings from spain!

Franck - 21:52

Glad to see the C64 among the most beloved 8 bits machines. Congrats to the NES. New poll comming soon

guest_8434 - 21:52

thanks sharing all those stories behind the scene

Mathieu - 21:52

i can't wait to see pics of all the projects you've been working on Franck, It's so impressive as allways :)

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Tintin is an unreleased prototype based on the famous belgian cartoon and developed by our studio Appeal in 2002 for publisher Infogrames.

How it all started

After the Outcast II debacle (see the related article here), we were offered a share buy-back option by our publisher (Infogrames) in exchange of a new pre-production contract around a Tintin game. As we had to keep our studio alive, we bought back the shares at a nominal price and got the contract started.

We had developed some nice technology for the Outcast II game and, although it was still far from being complete, we had enough to protoype a Tintin game.

The budget was tight and the timing was short, so we tried to reuse a number of ressources from the Outcast II prototype and build on top of that. The game was to be fully 3D exploration with some action scenes and mini-games.

In the end, Infogrames did not manage to sign a licence deal with Moulinsart (The company that holds the Tintin rights), and we finally got banckrupt the same year and closed the studio.


Various screenshots from realtime PS2 captures

Character rendering and facial animation tests

Level design

My contribution

Besides the obvious art department management, I did a few specific assets for the game. Most of the environments were made up of 3d tiles with vertex-based lighting. Here are some examples.

Three stages (wireframe, textured, lit) of tile models for the gate of the Moulinsart castle:

2002 TintinWallTilesWF 2002 TintinWallTilesTX 2002 TintinWallTilesLIT

Same principle for a fountain at the back of the castle:

2002 TintinFountainTilesWF 2002 TintinFountainTilesTX 2002 TintinFountainTilesLIT


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