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marc - 14:45

Un petit coucou de La Gacilly. Marc

Tom - 17:47

Hello Franck. I've been a huge fan of Outcast since the game came out in 1999. Are you planning on porting Reborn HD for other platforms?

VincentGR - 23:26


guest_187 - 21:52

Merci de donner cours à l'esiaj :D

Eric Cubizolle - 21:52

Merci pour cette véritable caverne d'Ali BABA du retrogamer ! voici un lieu de culte pour tout fan de l'Amiga et de ses plus beaux titres.

guishermo - 21:52

thanks for all the content you've shared with us, it's been a great read so far :). being able to see the indepths of gems like unreal or agony is awesome.thanks for the games and greetings from spain!

Franck - 21:52

Glad to see the C64 among the most beloved 8 bits machines. Congrats to the NES. New poll comming soon

guest_8434 - 21:52

thanks sharing all those stories behind the scene

Mathieu - 21:52

i can't wait to see pics of all the projects you've been working on Franck, It's so impressive as allways :)

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Amon Ra is an unreleased prototype commissionned by Wide Screen Games and developed by Yann and me.

How it all started

After Appeal (our previous studio) went bankrupt (see Outcast II and Tintin stories) Yann and I kept working together on some work for hire while thinking about exactly what to do next.

During that time, Olivier Masclef who had been producer on Outcast came to us with an adventure game concept called Amon Ra. His studio (Wide Sceen Games) was busy on another production and he asked us to build an early prototype on Playstation 2 based on this concept.

As we had acquired the technology from Outcast II we had something to start with to quickly build the prototype. Yann started cleaning and enhancing the various unfinished technologies that would later serve as the basis for our FreshEngine.

To help me quickly edit the map, I used some refurbished assets from the defunct Outcast II and built some new stuff on top of it. My friend Francois-Xavier Melard worked on the character.

This was a short work of a couple weeks and after this prototype, the project never went further into development. 


Some very advanced technologies for the time can be seen in action here (some of which were already implemented in the Outcast II prototype), such as realtime tesselation and vector displacement (water), radiosity and light probes (lighting of the character dependant on the environment, with light bouncing), soft shadows, dynamically rendered billboard (small vegetation), and pixel-occluded lens flares.

One of the amazing thing was the incredible amount of triangles the Playstation II was capable of pumping. Around 300k in a single frame, with the prototype running at 60 frames per seconds, as can be seen in the following screenshots:

Screenchot gallery

Various screenshots from realtime PS2 captures.



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