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Born in 1969 in Charleroi, Belgium, Franck purchased his first computer in 1982, a Texas Instrument Ti-99/4a and soon started programming in BASIC and making his first computer graphics with the, back then, hi-tech machine.

A few years later, during his education at the Institut Technique de Namur, he started working in the evenings on his first commercial game with one of his classmates on a Commodore 64. After three years of intense work, the classic adventure game ‘No: Never Outside’ was published by Lankhor in 1987.

This was Franck's ticket to the games industry. He was hired in 1988 by Ubisoft to work on ‘Iron Lord’ on the C64, 'Terres et Conquerants' on the Amstrad CPC, and a few other side projects. It was at Ubi Soft that he met the other members of the team that would later start developing independent projects on the Amiga. ‘Unreal’ was published by Ubi Soft in 1990 and ‘Agony’ by Psygnosis in 1992.

In 1992, Franck co-founded Art and Magic, an arcade games development company partnered with Deltatec. During the next 3 years, the company developed custom hardware and produced 6 games including ‘Cheese Chase’, ‘Stone Ball’, ‘Western Shooting 1&2’ and the successful ‘Ultimate Tennis’, which sold over 5000 boards worldwide.

In late 1995, forecasting the decline of the arcade market, Franck and his fellow partners co-founded Appeal with Infogrames, to develop games for the consumer market. ‘No Respect’ (PC) was published by Ocean and ‘Outcast’ (PC) was published by Infogrames and sold over 400,000 copies. In late 1999 Appeal started developing custom Playstation2 technology and worked on ‘Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise’ and ‘Tintin’ prototypes. Appeal went bankrupt in 2001 when Infogrames canned most of their external projects following a plunge of their shares on the stock market.

Between 2002 and 2004, Franck worked on several games as a consultant and tech artist for various companies including: The Collective (Indiana Jones and the Emperor tomb, Wrath Unleashed); Crytek (Farcry); Blue Byte (Settlers 3D); Ubisoft (Alexander: Fortune favors the bold).

In 2004, Franck and long-time partner Yann Robert, started a new company called Fresh3d, whose aim is to develop games and technologies.

The company started developing Playstation2 games. In 2006, 'Wild Water Adrenaline' was published by Nobilis, followed by 'Mountain Bike Adrenaline' in 2007. The later was eventually ported to the PC platform in 2008.

In 2004, Franck also became visiting Professor at the University College Albert Jacquard in Namur, Belgium, where he co-founded the video games group in which he now continues to teach video game art and technologies.

After the release of MBA, Fresh3d continued working on its custom engine called 'Fresh Engine', expanding it to several other platforms. In 2009, Fresh3d launched the community website freshengine.net to provide support for the students and customers of the engine. Fresh Engine became one of the de-facto engine used by the University College and helped it become official member of the Sony Playstation3, PSP and VITA academic programmes. To date, 9 student projects were made using Fresh Engine on PSP and PS3.

In 2010, Franck joined the team at AMA studio as a consultant technical artist and FreshEngine was expanded to support the XBox 360 and helped AMA studio release 'My Personal Self Defense Coach' published in 2011 by Ubi Soft. After that, FreshEngine was expanded further to support XBox One. Franck continued working with Daoka (formerly AMA Studios) to help develop 'The Fighter Within' which was eventually released in November 2013 as a launch title for Microsoft's new generation console, the XBox One.

In late 2011, Franck started working on a personal game project called 'Invasion Aftermath, Mankind's Revenge' while providing a complete making of the creation process on his blog: http://mygaragegame.blogspot.be/ the project has since been put on hold.

In February 2013, Franck co-founded Incubhacker with Gil Damoiseaux, Francois Debue and David Gervais, a maker space where members work and play with exciting technologies such as 3d printers, robots and lasers using open-source electronics.

In July 2013 Franck, Yann Robert and Yves Grolet announced they have aquired all intellectual property rights of Outcast back from Atari and said they will be working on further development around the franchise. After a failed kickstarter campaign, they turned to publisher Bigben Interactive to fund the development of a modern remake to Outcast. Appeal was reborn and the development begun in fall 2015.

In November 2017, Outcast : Second Contact, the remake of the cult classic game Outcast was released on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, in both digital and retail form.