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Who am I

Hello there, my name is Franck Sauer and I love video games. Like many, I like playing them, but my real passion is about making them. To me, video games is the most creative and complete form of entertainment. It combines all other forms of entertainment and adds interactivity on top.

What makes me tick is the intricate combination of art and technology that is required to make a game. I love to make visuals, sounds and music, write stories, develop universes and more recently, implement interactions. Don't we have two brains? Maybe we've been designed to make games!

My professional career has been dedicated to the video games industry where I've been working as a graphic artist, technical artist and director ever since 1987. During all these years I've had the chance to work with talented people on many projects and on various platforms. I started on the much beloved 8 bits machines in the early 80's and never stopped working on games since.

I'm co-owner of Fresh3d, the company behind the FreshEngine game engine, and Appeal, the company behind the recent remake Outcast: Second Contact. I'm also a visiting lecturer at the Albert Jacquard University College, where I teach real-time computer graphics for video games. A few years ago, I've also co-founded Incubhacker, a maker space where we work and play with exciting technologies such as 3d printers, robots and lasers using open-source electronics.

What I hope through this site is to share my passion and provide you with entertaining moments and maybe some good memories.