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Digital version running in 720p

Debut trailer

Cinema ad

Intro movie

Making of


Reviews and articles

Original reviews

9/10  Eurogamer

90/100 PC Gamer (can't find a working link)

19/20  JeuxVideo.com (French)

8.6/10  Gamespot

8.5/10  IGN

3.5/5  Adrenaline Vault

9/10  GameFAQs

4/5 Adventure Classic Gaming

Retro reviews

9.1/10  Metacritic

81/100 Game Ranking

4/5 Fair review by Metzomagic

In depth review (in French) by Grospixels

Video review (French) by Pyrogame


Outcast Wikipedia page

Douglas Freese (designer & programmer) interview



Fan sites

Open Outcast

OpenOutcast 01OpenOutcast 02

Team Eternal Outcasts, a group of Outcast fans have been working for a few years on a remake called Open Outcast (Outcast: Legacy of the Yods) using CryEngine. You can see the development here.

Also, check their facebook page here.

They do this with immense passion and talent, and I've been delighted to see so much enthusiasm going into this project. Keep it up guys!

Planet Adelpha

A fan site with news and stories about the game, here.

Outcast Spain

A fan site from Spain by Joan Morci http://www.outcastspain.com/

They also have a facebook page here.

Fuck Yeah Outcast

A cool site with frequent updates by T1migi http://fuckyeahoutcast.tumblr.com/


A german fan site http://www.outcast2.net/


A very complete fan site wih even some stuff from the defunct Outcast2 http://outcastii.free.fr/www/eng/index_eng.php?url=news.html#breves



Editors' Choice Award (PC Gamer)

Adventure Game of the Year (GameSpot)

Gen d'Or (Generation 4)

Best Game of Show for E3 1998 (All About Games)

Adventure Game of the Year Editor's Choice Award (Home PC Ukraine)


Sales estimates

Around 400k for the boxed version (only about 50k in the US! See the story above). More are being sold since the game is now on sale digitally.


Box art

US version

US BoxArt frontUS BoxArt back

European version (Fr)

Fr BoxArt frontFr BoxArt back


A very early folder (in French) presenting the game (VGA version with Stan as a main character). Probably around 1997.

US folder for launch.


Edge magazine June 1998 cover (PDF)

Extra stuff

Early logo concepts research I did.

A scan from a collector CD with an auto-running demo of Outcast destined to be played in shops:


A very touching piano medley played live by fan titanicpiano14

The most funny Outcast video ever

Official guides

To my best knowledge, there was at least a French and English official guide. The english guide is still available for sale as new or used:


For the French guide (or possibly other languages), you might check e-bay. I've got one, but I don't want to destroy it to scan it. I'll do it if I can get my hands on another copy.


  • The French voice for Cutter is performed by Patrick Poivey, voice double for Bruce Willis.
  • There was this PC game by Novalogic that had been out since 1992 called Comanche Maximum Overkill that was using a similar technology. One day their lawyers sent us a letter, suing us for patent infringment. We had to fight back a little, but the technique we used for ray casting voxels was totally different and the case was quickly dropped.
  • During E3 1997 in Atlanta, well after the private booth was closed, word of mouth spread over the exhibitors, a bunch of developpers were doing a sitting in front of the booth and we had to reopen and launch the demo again for them. These were the guys from Blizzard.
  • Iwan Scheer who worked on animations and motion capture with me for the game went to work for Weta on The Lord of the Rings after Outcast.
  • During our trip to Moscow for the music recording, our video equipment was confiscated at the airoport by custom officers. Hopefully, Marina Levine, music producer for the MSO quickly found a solution and hired a full video team for us. We got our equipment back when we left.

Extra music

A bunch of remixes (the last one is really weird) were commissionned by Infogrames' marketing department for propotionnal purposes. Unfortunately, they were not used much.

By Bob Dougan

Click to download in MP3 format (8.41MB)

By Zend Avesta

Click to download in MP3 format (6.54MB)
Click to download in MP3 format (13.18MB)


See Manual download below

Appeal galleries

13 years later

In 2012, we gathered as many people from the original teams (O1 and O2) as we could to celebrate 10 years after the closure of Appeal (roughly 13 years after Outcast). Many thanks to Gil for the picture.


From left to right: Francois Debue, Francois-Xavier Melard, Philippe Zondack, Yann Robert, Christophe Chaudy, Veronique Lerminiaux, Gil Damoiseaux, Renaud Dauchel, Catherine Marechal, Xavier Baele, Cyrille Wagner, Christophe Bauvir, Douglas Freese, Yves Grolet, me.

How to play the game today

Outcast 1.1, the enhanced version is available on these fine stores :


Steam logo small

gog small 














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